Kelsey Waldon does things the right way


Growing up in rural Western Kentucky, Kelsey Waldon wasn’t distracted by the bright lights of Paducah, 20 miles to the east. She spent much of her time practicing her guitar and listening to country music in her room. Those years nurtured a sensitive soul in the singer-songwriter who is making a name for herself in Nashville with “I’ve Got a Way,” her second album. Waldon will play tunes from that record and her debut, “The Goldmine,” when she visits the Southgate House Revival Thursday with Paul Cauthen.

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Kelsey Waldon Praises Independence On 'All By Myself'

All By Myself" is a traditional county number, with a rhythm section that evokes the '70s and plenty of sharp lead guitar work. The new clip for the track finds Waldon singing – alone, of course – in various poorly lit locales.

"It was very important to me to shoot parts of this video in Monkey's Eyebrow [KY]," Waldon told Rolling Stone Country. "We literally shot right on the land that I grew up on. I wanted to showcase the power and beauty that I feel from that environment, and a place that means a whole lot to me."

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